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Right from my college days, I used to work as a part time typist in the court. The earnings were too less to have a bank balance so I had never thought of even opening a bank account. Most of my clients were men but one day a beautiful girl in her twenties came to get some documents typed in English. Initially I was a bit hesitant as I was not so confident in grammar but she insisted that she will correct the errors herself, so I continued. She was soft spoken and fluent. She kept on dictating me and I typed it. In no time I typed ten pages without committing any mistake. She gave me a cute smile and said thanks. I wanted to ask her name but there were many people around so stayed mum. By the time I managed to settle down she had left but I noticed that the papers she was dictating from were from a letter pad and were having Allahabad Escorts Services printed in the background.

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I came back home and could not sleep the whole night. Next morning I tried to search Escorts in Allahabad but could not find her. Two days passed, I was finding it difficult to concentrate on work. I had heard about people falling in love at the first sight but never believed it. Daily, I kept on searching for Allahabad Escort for hours but could not get any clue about her. On the fourth day, I was about to retire when I recollected that there was a number given on the website and decided to call.

After few rings a familiar voice picked up. I was delighted like anything. As soon as I said "hi," she recognized my voice as well. I had found my love and was too eager to see her face to face. Without wasting time, I invited her for dinner. She told me that she was working for Allahabad Escorts and there were some charges for having dinner with her. I readily agreed because her company was more than anything for me. She took my address and promised to come to my home in half an hour. I offered to pick her but she said she will manage.

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Exactly in half an hour, the door bell rang. I rushed to open the door and as soon as I opened it, I could not believe my eyes. She was standing in front of me wearing a satin maroon colored gown with stars on it. I could not hold myself anymore and hugged her. She too embraced me in her arms. I could smell her for the first time. I lost my senses and started kissing her like a child. She too participated with same passion. It was like going to heaven alive. I had got everything and felt proud of myself for the first time in my life. She whispered in my ear that she was hungry. I went to the kitchen and she followed me and sat on the shelf. I again started kissing her. She started mourning with pleasure and dropped her gown. I had never imagined that a girl could be that beautiful. I lifted her up and kissed her wherever I could. Then I took her to the bedroom. It was a night I never wanted to end. But the morning arrived and she departed. But this time I knew I could call her anytime, any day and anywhere.

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